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2015 Management, Leadership and Legislative Conference's Material

Presenter:  Isazetta Spikes, CFRE, Director of Grants Catholic Charities
Title:  Resource Development and Fundraising . Find out where those resources priorities are and identify ways to secure.
Course Material

Presenter:  Hamid Kohan, President, CAP60
Title:  Innovative Customer Database Tracking Systems: An Option
Course Material

Presenter:  Jean Carr, Esq., CAPLAW
Title:  Essentials of CSBG Tripartite Board Governance
Course Material

Presenter:  Linda Zang, Gail Govoni and Monica Ortiz
Title:  Panel Discussion: Pre K Options for CAA Boards and Policy Councils to Consider
Course Material

Presenter:  Jovita Tolbert, Director, CSBG Services, National Association for State Community Services Programs
Title:  CSBG State and Federal Performance Measures Update: How will the Policy affect Community Action Agencies.
Course Material Full and Other Course Material

Presenter:  Denise Harlow, President, National Community Action Partnership
Title:  SBG Organizational Standards and Implementation Framework
Course Material

Presenter:  Victoria Collin, Office of Federal Financial Management Office of Management Budget
Title:  OMB Super Circular: How is affects Community Action Agencies
Course Material

Presenter:  Charlene Muhammad, Carolyn Tyler, Belinda Piercy
Title:  Board Governance 101. Understanding oversight and roles/responsibilities.
Course Material


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