CAP Essentials, the must-have skills for new Community Action team members.

CAP Essentials cover foundational concepts for Community Action. Whether you are on the front lines, teaming for partnership or volunteering your time, this is a great place to bolster your knowledge. Come join us as we learn together and commit to better service provision in our local areas.

The work of Community Action is an ever-evolving. We meet new challenges that arise and adapt our approach to help people and meet them where they are. However, there are proven skills that help us do the job well. Understanding the history, standards, processes and acronyms is essential! So, that is what CAP Essentials is all about.   

“We are so excited to bring these courses to our ecosystem. People come to Community Action with a heart to serve. CAP Essentials provides people with the skills and deeper understanding of how to get things done, how to navigate complexities with how-to tools.”

Angela Martin

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