Economic Mobility For Maryland’s Most Vulnerable

Serving the best interest of the poor serves the best interest of all people. The Family Prosperity Act puts this premise into action by offering the permanence of one of the most effective strategies for addressing poverty, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC). Permanently extending the state’s EITC and expanding the CTC puts money into the pockets of those needing it most and helps set them on a path toward success.  As Maryland’s federally-designated antipoverty network, Community Action Agencies know well what it takes to fight against poverty across the state.

The Baltimore Banner article, Gov. Moore’s first step to ending poverty: Tax credits for low-income families, by Pamela Wood, provides a variety of perspectives from organizations and legislators supporting The Family Prosperity Act. We agree! The Maryland Community Action Partnership (MCAP) also sees this act as a viable solution that helps get to the root of child poverty and the extended family.

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